Softened Bob


This graduated weave sits just underneath the jaw to mollify the cheekbones. It is marginally graduated in the back to make delicate development and skip. A pie-shape periphery was sliced to convey consideration regarding the eyes.

This shape certainly creates an impression. It is perfect for short hair and is exceptionally striking. The trim is square to accomplish an organized look through the blueprint and the periphery, with graduation surrendering a slight form of weight around the hair style shape.

Short hair shapes are genuinely low-upkeep and can be left to dry normally or blow-dried with an oar brush. The shape looks delicate and ladylike whether worn smooth or scrunched in surface. This cutting edge trim is certain to make a noteworthy concentrate on your best facial highlights.

This cut is perfect for heart-molded, precious stone, and oval face shapes. This style functions admirably on fine to medium hair surfaces that are straight to wavy.


Apply a nickel-estimate measure of DESIGNLINE Expandability Blow Dry Gel all through hair. Utilizing an oar or round brush, blow dry hair every which way to make delicate volume.

For a more easygoing look with this trim, beginning with clammy hair, apply a little measure of DESIGNLINE Dream Mousse, part hair to the other side, and blow-dry periphery smooth. Dry whatever is left of the hair by scrunching in the palm of your hand. Bend segments of the hair with DESIGNLINE Ultimate Matte Clay for a bedhead wrap up.

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